By entering the competition and/or Tournament, you agree, accept, and acknowledge following terms and conditions.

The Acer Predator League Academy (APLA) is a national program providing students across Australia and New Zealand with a structured and social format that empowers high schools to participate in esports.

Through a weekly competition in terms two and three, students will compete in teams on behalf of their school in Fortnite, battling it out for team glory in unique Fortnite maps that will challenge and entertain them as the compete.

The tournament will crown the best Fortnite teams across the country, with the final taking place at SXSW Sydney.

How To Register

Please go to www.apl.academy for tournament information and to register your team.

You will be required to enter your school and personal details for a valid registration.

Once your details have been verified, we will be in contact with you to organise your place in the Acer Predator League Academy (APLA).

Format Overview

Game Format: Hardpoint, Knockout, Control (Custom Maps)

Team Size: 4 Players

Lobby Size: 8 Players (2 teams of 4 players)

Number of Lobbies and Matches : 1

Number of Rounds: First to 3 (best of 5)

Server: Oceanic (OCE)

Scoring System

Points allocation: One point will be awarded for a match win.

Total wins will be accumulated during the season with the top four eligible teams qualifying for the final series.

Leaderboard Tiebreaker: In the event where two or more teams are tied for match points, the number rounds each team has won will be used to determine final placement. If two or more teams are still unable to be separated, then their head-to-head score will determine final placement on the leaderboard.

Tournament Rules

Entry Requirements:

·        Entry to this competition is open to residents of Australia & New Zealand.

·        Each entrant must be enrolled in an Australian or New Zealand high school for the duration of the tournament.

·        Individual schools are responsible for any parental consent required for participation under relevant Australian or New Zealand laws.

·        Acer reserves the right to require participants to verify their age, location of residency, and full legal name and school at any time during the competition

·        Employees, immediate family members, company or agency associated with the promotion are ineligible to enter.

·        The entrants into the APLA, assign and grant to Acer and its related entities, a worldwide, non-revocable, royalty-free, cost-free licence to use all, content, clips, gameplay, or otherwise coming into existence because of the Tournament

·        Players (or schools) must provide their own gaming hardware, peripherals, and stable internet connection to participate.

·        Players are responsible for ensuring their equipment - at a minimum - the required specifications to support and play the latest version of Fortnite.


·        All decisions made by the APLA tournament committee are final.

·        Matches will start at 5:00pm AEST

·        15-minute grace policy for teams arriving late

·        Forfeits or extensions to this time allocation may be awarded after this time at the committees discretion on a case-by-case basis.

·        Teams may use substitute players not already registered to another school or roster

·        Players must use their own EPIC Games accounts

·        Standard controllers or keyboard & mouse are allowed in this tournament. No macro functions are allowed and will result in an instant loss of match.

·        Team changes (see below) are to be communicated to the committee via the official APLA discord as soon as they become known to the school/team.

Team Requirements:

·        Each team must have 4 students from their school participating.

·        Players may play for more than one team as part of the same school, but NOT in the same week of tournament competition.

·        Example: A school has multiple teams; team A,B and C. If a student has played for Team A in week one, that is the only match they are eligible to play in that week. They can play for team A, B or C in week two, but once again that is the only match they are eligible for in that week.


·        If a player disconnects during a match, players may rejoin their team as the game mechanics allow.

·        If a player disconnects during the warmup of around (before players drop into game), the game may be restarted at the discretion of the Tournament Committee.

·        If the server crashes at any point during a game, Tournament Committee may restart that round at their discretion.

Cheating Policy:

Players may not work together to deceive or otherwise cheat other players during any match cheating includes but is not limited to:

·        Collusion with other players

·        Match fixing, throwing, bribing or any other unfair or illegal action or agreement to intentionally influence the outcome of any match or event.

·        Hacking or modifying the game client

·        Using any kind of cheating device

·        Utilizing outside assistance regarding the location of other players, other players’ health or equipment, or any other information not otherwise known to the player by the information on his or her own screen (e.g. looking at or attempting to look at spectator monitors while currently in a match). For clarity, a player’s receipt of coaching or use of the in-game replay tool does not fall within this prohibition.

Tournament Organisers & Administrators

Should you need assistance during the tournament, the APLA tournament committee and administration team will be available within the discord server to answer your questions and help where needed.

The Tournament Committee will have final sayon all decisions made regarding disputes and issues raised during the tournament.

The Tournament Committee may adjust and amend these rules at any time they see fit to uphold competitive integrity and in the spirit of fair play.

Any disputes on ruling not explicitly stated within this ruleset will undergo investigation at the Tournament Committee Discretion.

Acer reserves the right to and has the ultimate discretion to:  

a)      change the time, date, day, or structure of the Tournament,  

b)     withdraw the Tournament

c)     amend, replace, or update these Terms and Conditions; and

d)     Acer will not be liable under any circumstances, nor will any compensation be payable whatsoever to any entrant or participant in relation to this Tournament or promotion.

Epic Games Disclosure

This event is in no way sponsored, endorsed,or administered by, or otherwise associated with, epic games, inc. Theinformation Players provide in connection with this event is being provided toevent organizer and not to epic games, inc.

By participating in this event, to the extent permitted by applicable law, players agree to release and hold harmless epic games, inc., its licensors, its and their affiliates, and its and their employees, officers, directors, agents, contractors, and other representatives from all claims, demands, actions, losses, liabilities, and expenses related to the event.